Frequently Asked Questions

What is equity release

It’s a special type of mortgage with certain terms and conditions and also called a lifetime mortgage.

How old do I have to be


Do I still own my home


Can I ensure some of the house goes to my children

Yes. You can ring-fence a choice of percentages to leave to your children

Can I buy a house using equity release


Do I have a monthly payment to make

You can choose to pay the interest each month or elect for this to roll up

When do I repay the loan

Only when the last of you dies, or goes into full-time residential care

Is it possible to leave my family with debt after I die

Not if you use a lender who provides a ‘no negative equity guarantee’

Can I move home if I’ve got an equity release mortgage

Yes subject to certain terms and conditions, and the lender you use


Am I able to repay it early

Yes. But penalties may apply. There are some lenders however who allow penalty-free overpayments

I don’t have much pension income now I’m retired. Can I take income instead of a lump sum

Yes. You can do both or one or the other

Are all financial advisers independent

No, but we are

How do I know I’ve got the most suitable deal for me

We are independent and will make a detailed, and fair analysis of the whole market, specific to your needs.

Do I pay tax on any lump sums, income

No. It’s tax-free

Can I keep my own buildings insurance

Yes. With certain lenders